Drone Unit has an unrivaled reputation in providing the biggest Feature Films, TV Shows and Commercials the best in aerial cinematography.  Producers, Production Managers, Directors and DOP's return with confidence knowing that Drone Unit will provide a safe and reliable service.​

About US

  • Experience - Drone Unit’s pilots have over 1500 hours operating drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).  This allows Drone Unit to fly complex and precise flight paths producing some of the most stunning aerial video in the world.  All pilots and crew members are IATSE 667 members.

  • Permits and Insurance - Drone Unit holds Special Flight Operations Certificates (flight permits) that allows us to fly almost anywhere in Canada, day or night.  We carry an extensive liability insurance policy. 

  • Equipment - Most of our equipment is designed and engineered in-house offering some of the best drone performance and video stability in the industry.  Our drones can easily fly in winds up to 35km/h, offering smooth and precise flight even in the most challenging weather situations. 

  • Reliability and Safety - Drone Unit started operations in 2011 and has flown thousands of commercial operations since with a stellar safety record.  We have designed our fleet of drones with redundancies for all mission critical components and carry backups to ensure we are always ready when you are.

DJI M600
SpyderX Ancaster
X1400 blue sky
Spyder Drone
Alexa Mini LF Masterclass
It 2017
SpyderX Nova Scotia
Spyder Lighting Drone
Spyder Drone 2
Long Range Focus Iris Unit

"The Industry Leader in Drone Cinematography"



Warner Brothers, Netflix, Hulu, Fox, Sony, Disney, Universal, Paramount


We design, prototype, build, test & fly our own aircraft.

We believe redundancy is paramount which means we carry two sets of all equipment

Drone Unit-Spyder X

Coaxial X8 Octocopter

The Spyder X is the largest drone in our fleet. The Spyder X offers some of the longest flight times and lifting capabilities in the industry.  Regardless of wind conditions, the Spyder X can fly up to 50mm lenses without the need for post-stabilization.  Drone Unit has multiple Spyder X drones and comes with at least two Spyder X drones to set, giving us a ready to go backup drone.  

Camera - Alexa Mini or RED Cameras
Alexa Mini Drone
RED Drone

Top Speed:  70+ km/h


Max Altitude:  120 m (due to regulations)


Diameter:  2.0 m (blade tip to blade tip)


Weight: 23-35kg

Number of Motors:  8


Flight Time:  15-20min

Drone Unit-Spyder


The Spyder platform has been around since 2015 and has completed thousands of fights on dozens of features, TV series and commercials. The Spyder offers some of the best video stabilization for Red and Alexa cameras in the industry.  Drone Unit has multiple Spyder drones and comes with at least two Spyder drones to set, giving us a ready to go backup drone.  

Camera - Alexa Mini or RED Cameras
RED Drone
Alexa Mini Drone

Top Speed:  70+ km/h


Max Altitude:  120 m (due to regulations)


Diameter:  1.8 m (blade tip to blade tip)


Weight: 20-25kg

Number of Motors:  8


Flight Time:  9-12min

DJI-Inspire 2

The Inspire 2 is a great tool for high speed sequences, and locations where there is not enough space to fly the Spyder. The Inspire 2 and equipment neatly fit in one carrying case allowing much easier transportation than the Spyder drones for difficult to access or risky locations. All our Inspire 2's come equipment DJI's newest X7 camera.

DJI Inspire 2

Top Speed:  98+ km/h


Max Altitude:  120 m (due to regulations)


Diameter:  1.0 m (blade tip to blade tip)


Weight: 4kg

Number of Motors:  4


Flight Time:  20min

Camera - DJI Zenmuse X7 

The Zenmuse X7 is a compact Super 35 camera with an integrated gimbal made for high-end film making that delivers stunning resolution and image quality.  A 24 MP CMOS sensor rated at 14 stops of dynamic range preserves astonishing detail and offers both 6K CinemaDNG and 5.2K Apple ProRes.

Lenses - 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm


Small Foot Print - All of our gear fits in a 10'x6' aluminum trailer allowing us to stay mobile and drive over soft surfaces with minimal impact.

Amimon Connex

Wireless Video Transmission - Our wireless video systems deliver excellent long range HD image quality, zero latency, and the highest levels of robustness. 

Batteries - Drone Unit comes prepared with a large number of batteries to fly as much as a production needs. We use only the best quality batteries in the industry to ensure safe and reliable flight every time.

Tattu Batteries

Long Range Focus - After continually having problems with popular FIZ units on the market, we designed and built our own long range focus/iris system. This system easily reaches ranges exceeding 1km in urban environments. Our custom motors weigh only 60 grams which helps reduce front end weight of the camera and help improve image stability

Day Bright Monitors - Directors and DP's who prefer to view from the camera operators station will enjoy day bright monitors over 1200 nit. 

Atomos Sumo Flame

SUPPorting Gear




Drone Unit has designed custom high power LED spot lights for use on our Spyder and SpyderX aircraft.  The lights are mounted in Freefly Movi Pro gimbals with small cameras to accurately point and maneuver the LED spot lights.  The lights are flicker free and can be remotely turned on and off while airborne. 

3 LED Light Array Specs:

Lumens:  36,000

Colour Temp:  ~5800K

Beam:  30deg

Runtime on SpyderX: ~20min per flight

*Multiple other Lights available upon request


Custom Equipment

  Made for Film & Televison 

Most of our equipment is designed and engineered in-house offering some of the best performance and reliability in the industry.


We have the ability to tailor our drones to a Production's specific needs using tools such as CNC machines, 3D Printers and Laser Cutters.

Carbon Fiber Sheet
CNC Machine
DJI Drone Motor
CNC Carbon Fiber
CNC Carbon Fiber 2

Management team


Chris Bacik

Founder of Drone Unit
Head Pilot

Brett Linseman

Director of UAV Design and Testing
Lead Camera Operator

Konrad Robinski

Director of Safety

and Regulatory Affairs



Drone Unit

Toronto, Ontario

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